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Our primary motivation is based on our genuine love, compassion and neverending passion for helping those in need. Our motivation is perpetuated by a vision of communities with individuals and families who have become thriving forces in their individual communities and society at large. Our vision has motivated us to become catalysts for a better quality of life for individuals and for the restoration and revitalization of families.

Mental Health Skill Building

Provides structured support and case management assistance to adults ages 18 (still in school) and older with mental, behavioral, and emotional health conditions. These individuals who demonstrate a need for greater stability, personal management, medication management, budgeting skills training, social and community skills. Services will be provided based solely on evidenced based previous or current criteria established by pre-screening and or by referral; in addition to conducting an assessment provided by a Licensed Mental Health Professional (LMHP).

Therapeutic Afterschool Program

Provides interventional services by prescreening comprehensive information furnished by referral or through an assessment of the mental, behavioral, and emotional dynamics that has prevented the child from maintaining normal and acceptable behaviors. The assessment is conducted by a Licensed Mental Health Professional (LMHP). The services will target and provide therapeutic services for youth through objectives and goal driven interventions. The Therapeutic Afterschool Program will prevent at risk youth…

Intensive In-Home Services

To insure permanency and success within the home.
To identify and promote individual and family strengths.
To provide crisis treatment, individual and family counseling, communication skills, case management, coordination with other service providers and 24-hour emergency response.
To provide individualized treatment goals that promote healthy development of the client in order to discharge the individual from services, as a positive productive member of society.
To empower parents on how to effectively intervene with children using evidence-based practices.

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