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Our History

Youth and Family Dynamics (YFD), LLC was inspired and created in 2007 by individuals who acknowledged a need and envisioned a plan to provide quality services to children and adults in local and surrounding communities. The owners have over 40 years of knowledge and experience working with diverse populations through different employment endeavors such as: law enforcement, criminal justice, and human services field. YFD was licensed in 2008 to provide Intensive In-Home Services. Through dedication and perseverance, YFD offers Adult Mental Health and Therapeutic Afterschool Services as well.

Our Experience

Through our experiences, we have recognized and become painfully aware of individuals and communities that have been overlooked or are below the radar of state, county and city governments. for child and adult mental health services due to limited manpower, resources, or lack of knowledge on how to properly embrace and provide effective services for diverse populations. Our experience and professionalism has provided us the opportunity to work in collaboration or assist other agencies; public or private sector to provide comprehensive services for individuals.

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